The client who owns this house wanted it to be greenery with landscape design when viewed from inside the house. This house is beautiful viewed in the back of the house. A paddy field is placed behind the house.
The client wanted to plant some large root balled trees. Because those trees are heavy, we used boob truck to move trees. We used 23′ height of Araliya , 20′ height of Jakaranda , 20′ height of Nuwara pichcha , 12′ height of Karthakolonban mango , 12′ height of karanda , 9′ height of cheena pera , 12′ height of kaabaranka trees for that garden.
So we had to plant different type of foliage & coloring plants.
The client wanted a space for growing vegetables in this same garden.
Because water sprinklers with Automated Irrigation system were installed in this whole garden, we installed sprinklers for the vegetable patch area also.
Here to decorate the floor we used Natural stag stones and Malaysian grass.
And we made a pond with water fall on the client’s request.


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