The House Is Built on a large Plots, Its around 1 Acer plot. But this house is Built on a block of Just 20 Purchase. The Remaining space is reserved for the garden. The client who owns this house wanted it to be greenery with landscape design around the house. Because this house is built exactly in the middle of the land. This house is beautiful viewed in the back of the house. A paddy field is placed behind the house.
The client wanted to plant lot of large root balled trees. We used, 20′ height of Coboneela , 20′ height of Kaluwara , 12′ height of Karthakolonban mango, 12’ Height of Vilad mango, 10’ Height of Rabutan , 12′ height of karanda ,12 ‘ height of cheena pera , 12’ height of kaabaranka trees and Lot of Varieties same as About 30 Large trees were planted in this garden.
So, we had to used & plant different type of around 5000 numbers of foliage & coloring plants to this Garden.
Watering is not easy because this garden is very huge. Therefore, water sprinklers with Automated Irrigation system were installed in this whole garden, we used 1.5, 4 Bar Irrigation pump, 9m Radius of popups with Mist Spray Risers as an Irrigation Accessories.
Here to decorate the floor we used Clay Bricks, Concrete Sleepers, Interlock Paving Stones and Malaysian grass as a Ground Cover.
And we made a pond with water Feature on the client’s request for the rear garden area.


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