This site was in kesbewa. This house is built on 20 purchases. client wanted to create a landscape garden around the house. Why do you know the Colombo area Because of a strong sunlight fall.

So, we had to plant different type of foliage & coloring plants with trees taller than 10′ – 12′ height. There is a swimming pool at the back of this house. Because this pool should not be visible to other houses, so made a tall fence and planted Thambojiya creepers on it as a live wall.

And since this client is very busy, they Asked for an easy way to watering this garden. We installed an Automated sprinkles and drip Irrigation system for it as a very easy method. There is no need to put water by hand anywhere in this house. Here to decorate the floor we used Interlock paving, Red boralu and Malaysian grass as a ground cover.


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