This site was in Tissamaharama. This site is a Commercial Hotel with 5 Chalets. The client wanted to build a long wall to separate the border. But because it costs a lot. They asked us for an alternative option was requested instead. The best solution we gave to it was to plant 12′-15′ Height of Kooru Bamboo clumps & 5′-6′ Height of Rafies Palm Bushes .Because the hotel is located near the forest it will look nice. Our client liked our proposal.

The second requirement is planting big trees. Because the hotel needs a good Jungle for the day to start. So we had to plant trees taller than 20 feet. Because those trees trees are heavy we used Excavator Machine to move trees. We used 25′ Height of Ahela , 25′ Height of Diwul ,25′ Height of Karanda , 10′ Height of Karthakolonban & Tom Jc Mango trees for that Garden. Also 2 more Huge Karanda trees (Height 25” – 28”) had to be planted in the Swimming pool area Because it was very sunny.


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